Monday - Sunday: 8 am - 9 pm


Exclusive Care

Ultimate Experience

Men’s haircut with shampoo, defining beard lines, contouring, drying and styling, HOT TOWEL WET SHAVE, taning the hair on ears, facial peeling, facial massage, ANTI-AGE mask and serum, paraffin, scalp massage, shoulders massage, massage of hands and arms, final styling, glass of whisky.

70 – 90 min

  • Best Care

Exclusive Experience

Men’s haircut with shampoo, massage of scalp, shoulders, arms and hands, HOT TOWEL WET SHAVE, defining lines of beard or hair, contouring, moisturizing treatment,  taning the hair on ears, paraffin, glass of whisky.

70 – 90 min


Classic Grooming

Men’s Haircut with shampoo, massage of scalp, HOT TOWEL WET SHAVE moisturizing treatment, defining beard and hair lines, contouring, taning the hair on ears, drying and final styling.

40 – 60 min

  • Classic

Standard Care

Men’s Haircut

Men’s haircut with shampoo, massage of scalp, defining lines, contouring and taning the hair on ears.

30 min


Hot Towel Wet Shave

Old traditional shaving “hot towel” – with moisturizing treatment.

30 min


Ultimate Beard Treatment & Line Up

Ultimate beard treatment with beard care and line up with contouring, beard massage.

30 min


Hair/Beard Trim

Men’s cut/Beard trim with shaver, defining lines, massage of scalp.

30 min


Head Massage & Treatment

Massage of scalp, shampoo, moisturizing treatment, drying.

30 min


Hair Coloring with Haircut

Hair coloring with special LOREÁL only for men’s hair and men’s haircut.

60 min

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